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Hud Hud Cyclone Relief in Andhra Pradesh by Visakhapatnam centre
As on 15 November 2014

The very severe cyclone Hud Hud made landfall in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh on 12 October 2014, leaving a trail of distress. In the wake of this devastation, the Visakhapatnam centre of Ramakrishna Mission started providing necessary relief to the affected.

A detailed survey of the requirements of the afflicted populace was made on 15 October and accordingly from 16 October the Visakhapatnam centre started providing drinking water which was in great demand.

Accordingly, 1,14,000 litres of drinking water, 6,710 kg rice, 930 kg lentils, 300 kg flour, 415 kg sugar, 265 kg salt, 460 kg onion, 1,070 kg edible oil, 1,660 packets biscuits, 300 packets rusk, 150 kg detergent powder, 530 bar washing soap, 830 bed covers, 530 matchboxes, 400 saris, 7,000 assorted garments & blankets and various essential items (toothbrush, body oil, toothpaste) were distributed to about 1,710 families in Visakhapatnam and Vijayanagaram districts:

Sl. No.

Items distributed


No. of Families


Supply of nearly 94,000 litres of drinking water

Uppada, Bimli, Jalaripeta, Relli Veedhi, Vasavani Palem, Pedda Waltair and Satgal Nagar
(Visakhapatnam District)



1500 kg rice, 300 kg onion, 240 kg edible oil, 300 packets of rusk, 150 kg detergent powder and various essential items (soap, toothbrush, body oil, toothpaste)

(Visakhapatnam District)



1500 kg rice, 300 kg lentils, 300 kg flour, 150 kg sugar, 300 litre edible oil, 600 packets of biscuit and 300 bed covers, 20,000 litres of drinking water

(Visakhapatnam District)



3710 kg rice, 530 kg lentils, 265 kg sugar, 265 kg salt, 530 litre edible oil, 1060 packets of biscuit, 530 bars of washing soap, 530 matchboxes and 530 bed covers

16 villages in Madugula Mandal
(Visakhapatnam District)



400 saris, 30 blankets, 160 kg onion and 100 kg lentils

(Bhogapuram Mandal in Vijayanagaram District)



7000 assorted garments and blankets

18 villages in Araku Vally Area
(Visakhapatnam District)


November 15, 2014                                                        Swami Suvirananda

Belur Math, Howrah                                                       Assistant Secretary


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