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 |  Relief News : A  Brief  Report as on 31 May 2008

Fire Relief: Tamil Nadu: Nattarampalli centre distributed 200 kg rice, 32 kg dal, vegetables, groceries, 80 packets of biscuits, 8 sets of utensils, 16 blankets, 8 saris, 8 dhotis and 16 mats to 8 poor families whose houses were gutted by a devastating fire at Mamudimanapalli village of Tirupatur taluk in Vellore district.  Besides, the centre built a thatched shed to provide temporary shelter to the affected families.



Distress Relief: The following centres distributed various items, shown in brackets, to poor and needy persons in their respective areas: Jaipur (245 blankets), Nattarampalli (150 saris).



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